A Popular VTuber Caught Up in the Hogwarts Legacy Controversy is Resigning

A popular VTuber caught up in the Hogwarts Legacy controversy is retiring from her vtubing career. This decision is being questioned by many.

The controversial Harry Potter game has seen a lot of backlash from both the gaming community and social media. Several big streamers have reported that they were harassed and even threatened for playing it.

Pikamee’s Retirement

Pikamee, a popular VTuber caught up in the Hogwarts Legacy controversy is retiring from her VTuber channel. She announced the news on her YouTube page today, March 1st.

Pikamee is a Japanese-English bilingual VTuber and member of VOMS Project. Her stream content is varied and entertaining, with a strong focus on anime. She streams a variety of games, chats and collaborations with other VTubers.

While many VTubers were involved in the controversy surrounding the game, Pikamee’s participation drew the ire of fans for a number of reasons. In particular, Pikamee was targeted for her participation in the promotional campaign for the game.

The harassment she received was not as severe as others, but it still made her feel uncomfortable. Some users flooded her pre-stream chat with hateful comments, causing her to cancel the stream and keep her Twitch VODS private.

Pikamee has been a stalwart in the vtuber community and an inspiration to many. Her kind and thoughtful personality have made her one of the community’s best-loved streamers. However, the Hogwarts Legacy controversy has thrown her into the spotlight again, a situation that is no longer something she wanted to deal with.

Babish’s Hogwarts Legacy-Sponsored Video

Popular food YouTuber Babish aka Andrew Rea, who has built a subscriber base of 10 million fans by making recipes from popular culture, is under fire for posting a Hogwarts Legacy-sponsored video. The video features a new Harry Potter-adjoining English breakfast that starts and ends with an advertisement for the game.

The controversy surrounding Hogwarts Legacy has raged for weeks, with players and reviewers divided over the video game’s association with anti-trans views of author J.K. Rowling and her financial ties to the Wizarding World franchise (Rowling owns the intellectual property rights to all of her Harry Potter novels).

Avalanche Software is behind the 2023 action role-playing game set in the wizarding world, which places you in charge of a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as she explores locations including Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. It also offers a number of combat opportunities, which involve using spells, environmental aids and magical plants to beat opponents.

VTuber Silvervale’s Harassment

After she decided to stream Hogwarts Legacy, VTuber Silvervale was harassed to tears by activist groups and fellow Twitch streamers. Initially, she implemented Twitch’s auto mod to combat the hate raids, but that only made things worse.

VTubers who broadcast the game have faced intense backlash, with fans claiming the streaming of the Harry Potter game endorses the transphobic comments of its creator, J. K. Rowling, and boycotts have been launched in response.

Another VTuber, Pikamee, has announced she’s retiring after being caught up in the Hogwarts Legacy controversy. She told her followers that her decision to retire was due to the harassment she received for wanting to play the game.

The founder of a company that owns Pikamee’s 2D likeness, GYARI, also confirmed that the Vtuber was planning on retiring. She said she had been discussing it with Pikamee “for a long time.” And Pikamee’s friend, Vtuber Pomu Rainpuff, said she knew of her retirement plans before she decided to stream the game.

VTuber Ironmouse’s Support for Silvervale

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