Apple Announces iOS 17 Release Date

Apple Announces iOS 17 Release Date

iOS 17 has some big new features including an easier way to edit messages and improved Siri understanding. It also opens the door for developers in the EU to distribute apps outside of Apple’s App Store, and provides new default app controls.

Other improvements include Catch-up for large group text chats and 3D Reactions in Messages. It also adds podcast transcription and improved iMessage encryption.

What’s new in iOS 17?

The update brings a host of small changes that should improve your experience with iOS. The Camera app gets a new feature that makes it easier to scan QR codes, and the Up Next carousel now shows redesigned cards with a three-dot options menu icon and compact playback indicator. The Weather app adds the ability to view a moon phase, plus hour-by-hour forecasts and wind force and direction. Apple News+ subscribers now have access to daily crossword puzzles in the News app and subscriber-only audio stories in Podcasts. And the Home app now displays activity history for garage doors, contact sensors, and security systems.

There are also improvements in other areas of the system. For example, the Passcode lock now lets you enter your old passcode within 72 hours after changing it, a helpful addition for people who have accidentally changed their passwords. And the ability to ping an iPhone paired with your Apple Watch, if it’s lost or misplaced, is now available.

Other features in the latest version of the operating system include a revamped keyboard that now offers quick-access to commonly used characters and the ability to create Live Stickers by lifting subjects from photos. There are also updated emojis and a new app called Journal that helps you practice gratitude. And communication safety is improved with warnings that warn you when messages contain nudity and other sensitive content. The feature is now available in Messages, AirDrop, Calendar events, FaceTime messages, Contact Posters in the Phone app, and third-party apps.

What’s new in iOS 17 for iPad?

Apple’s tablets pick up most of the features that were added to iPhone with iOS 17 but with some additions specific to the larger screens. iPadOS 17 brings a redesigned Lock Screen with new ways to personalize and interact with widgets, while the Camera app gains a new Live Photo effect, and Messages adds a new Stickers experience. The Health app gets a significant update designed for the larger display, while Notes introduces a better way to work with full-width PDFs and document scans.

As for the keyboard, the iPadOS 17 upgrade offers a more intelligent input model and improvements to autocorrect and dictation. Siri has a more sophisticated voice recognition model, and Apple’s FaceTime video calling system now supports a group conference call with up to 32 participants. There’s also a whole new Siri voicemail feature, and the WatchOS 5 upgrade brings support for hands-free “Hey Siri” commands, new workout and activity tracking metrics, and more.

Other updates include an improved version of iCloud Keychain that uses post-quantum cryptography, a new feature in CarPlay that provides information about upcoming maneuvers and a better stopwatch experience, more flexible Siri shortcuts, the ability to create separate Profiles for personal and business use on Safari, a major update to the Wallet app with new security features, new emojis, and a bunch of enhancements in other apps.

What’s new in iOS 17 for iPhone?

Apple’s major iPhone update rolls out a variety of new features to make the iPhone better for everyday use. It also brings improvements to the suite of communication apps, as well as a few additions designed specifically for iPad. The customizable options for lock screen notifications in iOS 17 now extend to the iPad, while the Weather app adds offline maps, and a new Health feature lets you catalog your mood over time.

Standby mode turns your iPhone into a smart display, offering easy-to-digest information at a glance. You can now customize what information you see and when you want it displayed, and Siri can recognize back-to-back commands without you having to say the wake word each time. Safari now supports profiles for separating work and home browsing with different histories, extensions, tab groups, favorites, and cookies. And FaceTime video calls now support voicemail screening.

Other changes include a new contact poster that lets you personalize the photo of each contact, NameDrop for sharing files via AirDrop from Messages, and a Live Voicemail option that transcribes your voicemail messages and displays them as text. The Camera app gets a redesigned look and feel, including new filters, and there are enhancements in Maps for faster searches and for showing your location on the map even when you don’t have cellular data.

Apple Announces iOS 17 Release Date

What’s new in iOS 17 for Apple Watch?

During a special event on September 18, Apple unveiled iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, the latest versions of the operating systems that run iPhones and iPads. Both bring new features and improvements, including a more advanced Lock Screen experience that lets you use interactive widgets, an improved Camera app, better Siri support that includes back-to-back commands and improved iMessage encryption. Also on the iPhone, StandBy mode turns your phone into a smart display when it’s charging and positioned horizontally, and the Music app adds transcriptions and a new Favorites feature. And in Maps, real-time charging station availability is shown along routes for those with electric vehicles.

iOS 17 has received several updates since its initial release in September, including minor point releases with bug fixes and security enhancements. On January 22, iOS 17.3 added additional security measures with the addition of Stolen Device Protection and other improvements. And on October 4, iOS 17.0.3 arrived with a fix for the problem that caused some iPhone 15 Pros to overheat.

The final update for iOS 17, released on November 30, included a few more changes. The Messages app got a major overhaul that adds more options for drawing emoji, and the Check In feature keeps you safe by notifying friends and family members if you’re traveling alone. There are also changes to the Photos app, like a more streamlined view that shows all your albums in one place, and a new way to find recipes with Visual Look Up.

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