Destiny 2 – Legend Guide

In Destiny 2 – “Legend,” you can unlock Exotic armor pieces by mastering the Lost Sector and Chamber of Starlight. The Legendary Lost Sectors can be soloed to earn rewards. The most recent addition to the Lost Sector rotation is the Conflux on Nessus. This sector will reward you with Exotic Arm gear, and it is good to know that you can get both Hunter and Titan Exotic armor pieces in this season.

Destiny 2 - Legend Guide

Master Lost Sector

Master Lost Sectors are a fantastic way to farm for exotic armor. These areas are harder than normal missions, but they reward players with rare armor and other special perks. However, there are some sectors that are not worth playing because they are too hard. The K1 Crew Quarters on the Moon, for example, are especially difficult on Master difficulty because they pit you against dozens of Sniper Shanks. These monsters are very strong, and they can easily one-shot you if you’re not high-level. You’ll also have to worry about overlapping Champions, which can easily one-shot you.

To enter the master Lost Sector, you must have a level of 1500 or higher. The master Lost Sector is only accessible to those with the highest level of power. Those with lower levels may still enter the master Lost Sector, but they won’t be able to complete it. Generally, players should be 10 or 15 power levels lower than their Recommended Power Level before entering a master Lost Sector. In addition to mastering the master Lost Sector, players can also complete the legendary version.

The mastery of the Lost Sector is largely dependent on your team and equipment. If you don’t have Warmind Cells, you won’t be able to use certain weapons like grenades, but if you have Warmind Cells, the boss fight is far more challenging. It is also impossible to farm the Lost Sector because of the enemies and the presence of Barrier Servitors. While the difficulty level of the Lost Sector isn’t too high, the atmosphere in the game is very cool.

Chamber of Starlight

The Chamber of Starlight is one of the many lost sectors in Destiny 2. The goal is to unlock a locked chest and kill the boss. The difficulty of the Chamber of Starlight varies, depending on the difficulty of the game. This guide will help you through the chamber and its bosses. We also discuss how to complete the Chamber of Starlight on the master and legend difficulties. If you’re having trouble completing this mission, don’t worry! We’ve put together a short guide for you.

When playing Destiny 2, the Chamber of Starlight is one of the easiest levels to solo, but be warned, it can be very difficult. The enemies in this area are well protected by energy shields, so it’s a good idea to prepare beforehand. You should also equip your character with Sparrows to help avoid the enemies in the area. While you’re in the Chamber of Starlight, make sure you’re fully equipped so that you can deal with them without getting too hurt.

During this mission, the player has to fight a series of hostile enemies and minibosses, including two yellow-bar health wizard Ikashi. It’s also a good idea to kite the minibosses away from the area. A good way to stay safe is to position yourself behind a rock. You can even snipe from a balcony on the wall. If you can manage to get past these enemies, you’ll have the upper-hand.

The main boss of the Chamber of Starlight is Inkasi, a Void-shielded Wizard. You’ll be surrounded by Goblins, Thrall, Solar-shielded Knight, and Overload Hobgoblin, all of which serve as the enemies in the chamber. You’ll need to stun him and take out the remaining Phalanxes. The final Champion will spawn in the far back of the chamber.


As far as DPS weapons go, the new Stormchaser is a coveted contender. Its new Aggressive Frame archetype offers 35% more damage than other popular LFR weapons. It also features Reed’s Regret, which has impressive perks and a Veist Stinger origin trait. The Stormchaser’s perks are enticing, and the gun’s roll is excellent. However, it’s not a good choice for everyone.

In addition, the Stormchaser can only be found in a dungeon, called Duality. It drops in the second encounter, which tasks you with opening a vault. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get the weapon, but you can farm it endlessly for a while and even farm the loot from secret chests and engrams. You can also continue farming this dungeon until you’ve got it.

Aside from the Clown Cartridge, the Stormchaser’s perk pool is outstanding. For example, the Clown Cartridge grants 10-50% more damage per burst, but it’s a pain to reload. However, the Auto-Loading Holster reloads the weapon after 2.5s, negating any downtime between reloads. While this is an excellent weapon to have on a raid team, it’s not a DPS tank. Its high DPS will not outclass other legendary GLs, so the Stormchaser is a better choice for DPS players than Gjallarhorn or a Legendary GL.

Compared to the other two perks, the Vorpal Weapon and the Frenzy are the best choice for a stormchaser fireteam. Vorpal gives extra damage against Supers, but you’ll need a grenade and powered melee ability to use it. Frenzy is a solid choice for PVP, but it only works after the first burst.

Explosive Payload

Timed Payload is one of the new weapon perk options in Destiny 2. With this perk, you will be able to trigger an explosion as soon as a bullet hits its target. This perk also has a small AoE, but it does cause more damage per round. This perk also makes it possible to perform more Flinches in a single round. Depending on the Precision Multiplier, this perk can be a great option.

Special-ammo guns in Destiny 2 were able to one-tap enemy Guardians, which could be devastating in the Crucible. To combat this issue, developers changed the game so that you can only get one ammo when picking up a brick. However, if you shoot the brick in the center, you’ll always get two rounds. Explosive Payload and Shoot to Loot are also able to take advantage of this glitch, which can be used in PvE and Crucible modes. The Scavenger mod is another way to use this glitch.

Explosive Payload has several perks, including increased Fatebringer damage and reduced range falloff. It also counts as two hits for Overload Champions. Unlike Rewind Rounds, however, it lacks a bit of punch compared to Explosive Payload. But it is an excellent addition to a character’s arsenal. There are many ways to use it, and the rewards can be fantastic.

When it comes to PvP, Hothead isn’t the best weapon, but it’s not the worst. It’s a better choice than Wardcliff Coil or Truth, and you can use it on your enemies. This Exotic Kiosk is located in the Tower. Besides being more powerful, Hothead will shut down most Supers. You can purchase this exotic weapon from the Exotic Kiosk.


You may have heard of Firefly before. It’s a character-driven space western that involves executing elaborate heists and living hand-to-mouth under the Alliance’s shadow. Firefly takes players through three episodes, linked to a 15-episode campaign. Its key feature is headshotting enemies, creating an explosion of Solar Damage that can travel five meters.

Unlike the Dragonfly, the Firefly is more powerful and versatile. It can roll on the Fatebringer and cause an explosion upon a critical hit. Its high damage and fast reload speed make it an excellent choice for most activities. The Firefly has two great perks: Opening Shot and Tunnel Vision. These two abilities are god rolls in PvP, allowing you to open up attacks on enemies. However, you probably won’t be activating Eye of the Storm that often in PvE.

Besides increasing your reload speed, the Firefly is an effective weapon for PVP. The ability to kill enemies quickly and in a rhythm allows you to perform a variety of tasks. It is easier to trigger Firefly in PVP with Precision kills, and Memento Mori will help you to damage nearby allies. When equipped with Firefly, it can deal a lot of damage, especially if you use the Memento Mori skill.

In Destiny 2, you can also take advantage of the Firefly perk in Forsaken. As a result, this weapon is very popular amongst PvP players. Not only does it increase your reload speed, but it also explodes enemies with solar energy. In other words, the Firefly makes it easier to clear hordes of enemies. You should use this weapon in PvE if you want to dominate the Forsaken.

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