Gordian Quest – Best Cleric Builds

As you’ve probably already guessed, Gordian Quest is a deckbuilding RPG that was in early access for nearly two years. The game features elaborate skill trees and equipment, and is an ethereal mix of DND and roguelike deck builders. But before you get too excited about the game, let’s discuss some tips and tricks for crafting a high-quality cleric build.

Gordian Quest - Best Cleric Builds

Spirit Healer

As a Spirit Healer in Gordian Quest, you’ll want to focus on buffing allies while also casting Divine skills. Your cleric should have a high health to heal allies and yourself, and she should be able to cast Divine spells easily. Her other skills include casting Divine spells, buffing allies, and summoning Spirit Wolves, which provide protection and damage. This build is relatively simple and effective.

When deciding on a Cleric build, you’ll need to consider your main role in a party. As a Spirit Healer, you’ll be the peacekeeper of the realm, absorbing and healing damage while also enhancing allies’ prowess. Choosing between Divine + Holy Warrior is a great combination for players looking for a high-damage-absorption cleric or a fighter that can pull healing spells in tight situations.

Divine build

If you’re looking for a strong support character in Gordian Quest, a Divine build may be for you. The divine archetype focuses on witchcraft and holy magic, and the deck for a Divine build uses spell ability cards with a variety of effects. This character builds spells that deal heavy damage to several targets, while also using powerful magical abilities such as Righteous Flame. It deals fire damage to enemies and burns them, while also causing even more damage the next turn.

A good way to start building a Divine character is by using the Reverend or Cleric starter deck. Both starter decks come with early damage-dealing spell abilities, and Catherin starts out doing plenty of damage, while still being able to defend herself. This builds a powerful combination of both class abilities. In addition, it’s easy to customize your deck, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the number of choices.

Another popular choice for a Divine character is the Holy Warrior. This class combines defensive and offensive abilities with a strong martial nature. A Spirit Healer focuses on healing and strengthening allies. A Catherin can fill multiple roles in a party, dishing out damage with divine abilities and healing skills. A Divine cleric uses powerful spells to weaken enemies. This combination can be especially useful in tight situations.


The Spellbinder is one of the best builds in Gordian Quest for those who like to focus on crowd control and status effects. Despite its niche, this cleric can be vulnerable to bosses, and can die in as few as two hits. A spellbinder’s best item in Gordian Quest is a common glove with 0 card cost. The best items for a cleric are not dmg ones, but rather generic + stat items.

When building a cleric, it is important to consider synergies. The Spellbinder has many unique abilities that can improve your DPS. It also has excellent defense, which is important in Gordian Quest. The spellbinder’s ability to ward off enemies is another key to her success. Her spells will be effective for dealing with enemies in melee.

The Cleric class is ideal for beginners. You can use her to fill in for weaker party members. Her HP and defense stats are good for filling in the gaps left by other classes. There are three main builds available for Catherin. You can also mix and match her with other classes in your party if you need to. The best thing about the Spellbinder is that it can be a good choice for those new to D&D.

Despite the lack of balance between a rogue-lite and a cleric build, this class is also very balanced. You can build your cleric to maximize her damage output, and still be able to take down bosses. You can even choose to use a melee-attacking Spellbinder for extra DPS. If you want to play the game on PC, you should buy it as soon as possible. The price is $20 today, but it will go up to $22 on launch day.

If you’re wondering which skill to use in Gordian Quest, you should consider using the Conjure Blades skill. Its early-game damage is very good, and it gets even better with Invoker of Blades and Bladewards. Make sure you don’t have too many Magic Swords, as it can make you draw only Magic Swords. Then you can equip Arcane Sheather and Ataraxia, legendary body armour.


Building a Druid as a Cleic is a great option for D&D players who want to mix up their classes. While most D&D druids focus on nature magic, this class is a little different in Gordian Quest. Instead of casting spells to heal and buff allies, druids focus on controlling the battlefield, using natural hazards to your advantage.

When choosing a race for your Druid, make sure you choose one that has an increased Wisdom. Wisdom is the most important attribute for a cleric. Aarakocra, for example, is one of the playable races found in Elemental Evil Player’s Companion. Its +1 Wisdom and +2 Dexterity is perfect for Clerics looking to improve their melee weapon skills. Another playable race is the Centaur, found in Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. It gives a Cleric an increase in Strength and Wisdom.

As a Druid, you can use your natural abilities to help people, restoring their faith in common deities. In addition to healing their wounds, druids can help out on quests by caring for injured animals. This is one of the reasons why many players like to play a Druid as a Cleric build in Gordian Quest.

There are a few different builds you can try. The Primal build focuses on dealing damage and debuffs. Strength and agility are important to most ability cards, and the Primal build is the best choice for your first character. Its lack of defense is not a problem, as the Druid can cast various buffs to protect herself and allies.

While Pierre is very versatile with his damage spells, he doesn’t have a large health pool. Catherin can distract enemies and deal Holy damage, and both her abilities can heal her and allies. Catherin is also a good choice for a Cleric build. In Gordian Quest, you can add new Skill Trees permanently to your character.

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