Monster Hunter Rise – What’s New in This New RPG?

If you’re ready to experience a new world in Monster Hunter: Rise, here are some of the biggest changes in this game. You’ll have a new Switch Skill system, 50 returning monsters, and more! There’s even crossplay between Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise! Here are some tips to make the most of this new title! Also, check out our review of the game! You’ll be glad you did!

Monster Hunter Rise - What's New in This New RPG?

Switch Skill system

Monster Hunter Rise has a great Switch Skill system that players can use to their advantage. Switch Skills are available by forging weapons with specific materials. Once you have a weapon in your Inventory, you can switch it to another one by spending the materials. You can change this skill at any time, though you are limited to two at a time. Depending on what weapon you are currently using, you might want to equip a new type of switch skill.

The Switch Skill system works by assigning different weapon abilities to each weapon. These skills are assigned to specific weapons, and players can switch between them at any time by holding the Left Trigger or pressing Y+B. The only downside to this system is that players have to repeat this process for every weapon they use. This can take a while. There is a simpler way to do it. But make sure you’re patient and don’t waste too much crafting time.

The switch skill system in Monster Hunter Rise is not terribly complicated. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing between different skill sets. First, you’ll need to know how to unlock the special weapon skills. Then, you’ll have to know what quests you can complete with it. Then, you can select a weapon from the Switch Skill list. You can choose between three different Switch Skills per weapon type and use them to enhance your overall combat and character.

50 returning monsters

This Monster Hunter RPG has a huge list of returning monsters. There are monsters from every generation, including new ones. In addition to the old favorites, Monster Hunter Rise also features two new pet monsters, Cohoots and Palamutes. It also features a new Turf Wars mode and tougher Apex Monsters. It’s a big update, and Capcom promises even more free content later in the month.

As if the new game wasn’t big enough, the recent digital event for Monster Hunter Rise featured a slew of new creatures. For starters, there’s the powerful Tigrex, which was announced in the February 17 Nintendo Direct. Rajang is another returning monster. You can also look forward to new variants of Bazelgeuse, a flying bomber wyvern. The game’s new Light Bowgun weapon also features the flying bomber wyvern, which was revealed in the video introducing the new weapon. Other returning monsters include the Tobi Kadachi, which has characteristic lightning and claw attacks.

The Eldorado, a colossal beast that was introduced in the first Monster Hunter game, is another returning enemy. This lizard can eat its victims whole and uses them as a shield. Moreover, when enraged, its attacks can cause bleeding, so it’s best to be cautious when fighting it. Another new monster to look for is the Aurora Somnacanth, which specializes in ice attacks. The icy breath of this monster causes the prey to freeze, which stops it from moving and suffocates them.

New mobility options

One of the best things about Monster Hunter: Rise is its new mobility options. This game introduces new ways to travel through the world, making exploration more fun than ever. This title allows players to use their legs as a way to move more quickly around the map. It also introduces a new turf war system, where rival monsters attack each other when they infringe on their territory. You can now mix and match armor sets to improve your character’s skill.

Wirebugs are new creatures in Monster Hunter Rise that provide a range of vertical mobility and powerful movesets for weapons. Players can use Wirebug skills called Silkbinds to rapidly reposition their character in battle. Silkbinds are a new skill that lets players equip their weapons with a wirebug to allow them to quickly reposition themselves. Silkbinds add a new layer of customization to your character, but they also make World’s moveset feel a bit stiff.

While the game also introduces new areas and revamps older ones, the core gameplay remains similar to the previous entries in the series. Monsters have a more limited roster, and players will have to face familiar enemies and monsters to progress through the game. But the game does make progress on many fronts. The game offers new mobility options for players to speed up travel, and ninjas can move and fight in a variety of ways.

Crossplay with Monster Hunter World

If you’ve ever wanted to play Monster Hunter World with your friends, you may have noticed that there are no crossplay capabilities available. Unlike other games, this one doesn’t allow you to play it with your friends on different platforms. While this is fine if you have friends with the same console, you might prefer to team up with your friends on another console. This way, you can play together with your friends on different platforms.

If you’re interested in playing Monster Hunter World with friends on another platform, there are a few reasons to consider using another system. Fortunately, crossplay is not currently available between the PC and Xbox. While the game has received positive reviews on Steam, you can’t play it with friends on Xbox. This is unfortunate, as crossplay allows you to play with your friends on different consoles. However, some players still wish to play the game with their friends.

For one thing, there’s no cross-platform play between Xbox One and PSN. Both Microsoft and Sony have digital storefronts, so they’re not too bothered about cross-play. The Xbox and PSN have their own cheat prevention features. Unlike Monster Hunter World, however, players can’t team up on different platforms. It’s also impossible to create cheating prevention features that are consistent with the game engine on both systems.

New weapons

The game has some new weapons to offer. The Great Sword is a heavy, two-handed sword that deals heavy melee damage. It also has the ability to block some attacks. While the hammer is a strong weapon, it is not very useful for severing monster tails. The Switch Axe is also a new weapon in the game, and is the lighter of the two weapons. However, it does not have the ability to block like the Great Sword.

The charge blade is a new weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, combining the abilities of a switch axe and a sword. Like the switch axe, it charges while in sword mode, then unleashes energy when in axe mode. In addition, a new skill called Silkbind is introduced in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. It allows players to coat their weapon with various status effects, and can be used to attack monsters from a distance.

The dual blades are a new weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, offering high damage and speed while relying on fast movement. This weapon also offers decent mobility, and is good for chasing monsters in flight. While the gunlance’s range is not very long, it does have excellent offensive power. This weapon is especially useful if you’re looking to attack a monster from above. It also has decent defensive capabilities.


Palamutes are companions and are useful in battles. They are capable of climbing up monsters, biting and holding their own in a fight. Their abilities vary, and they can be buffed with Palamute Scrolls, which are equipped to them. These scrolls will help you heal, lure monsters, and carry items for your weapons. You can collect them from Canyne Master Inukai, who stands by the red bridge in the village.

The new skill memory feature will allow you to equip skills, but you need to have skill memory. This is represented by skill memory icons next to skill titles. These icons will appear next to their titles, and you can find them by clicking on the info tab. You can also use the Buddy Expert to unlock more skill memory points. After unlocking this feature, you must acquire Eurekacorns in order to equip your new buddy.

The Palamute will be an AI companion that will help you attack Large Monsters and heal yourself. You can hire a Palamute from the Buddy Scout facility. This will help you train it before battles. They will also be able to use items, and recover health while on the move. If you’re worried about losing your Palicoes, don’t worry! There’s still plenty of time to earn your next companion!

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