The Best Resident Evil Games For Your PC

The Best Resident Evil Games For Your PC

There are several Resident Evil games on the market, but what are the best? Here is a list of the best Resident Evil games for your PC. If you’ve never played one, here are some of the best ones to get you started. In no particular order, from best to worst:

Resident Evil 2

The Resident Evil franchise has become one of the most popular horror games of all time. The games have seen numerous iterations over the years, from third-person action games to survival horror. The series has also produced numerous spin-offs, but no remakes. However, some fans consider Resident Evil 2 among the best Resident Evil games. We’ve compiled the top Resident Evil games to help you choose a favorite.

This third installment of the franchise combines the gameplay of the first three games into an action-packed game. The action-filled gameplay makes for a great time on any console. In addition, the game introduces several new elements to the series storyline. One of these new elements is the ability to save the world from a zombie outbreak in the second half of the game. The third game introduces more characters and an exciting multiplayer experience.

Resident Evil 2 is a classic among Resident-Evil games, and it was the first to feature the iconic Mr. X. Resident Evil 2 improved upon the formula that had made the first game so popular, and added a more fleshed-out atmosphere and narrative. The game also introduces the protagonists Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy, who would follow each other until the sixth installment.

In a recent poll, Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 2 has surpassed its 1998 predecessor. The new version combines horror elements with action, and has a strong supporting cast. This is a great game for fans of the series, and the remake is worth checking out. The remake has even received hilarious updates from the mod-community. If it wasn’t for the remake, Resident Evil 2 would have been near the top of the list.

Despite its age, the original Resident Evil game still sets the bar for survival horror. It wasn’t overloaded with super-powered monsters or massive armies of zombies. Instead, it delivered scares and twists in a more gradual way. This approach worked for the original game, but it was never quite as well executed as the remake. While it still has its flaws, Resident Evil 2 is still a classic.

This game combines horror with survival horror. The game takes place in a creepy house in the southern United States. It was a controversial game, but its return to the franchise has inspired fans to give it another chance. Though the remake has had some problems, it’s still among the best Resident Evil games. If you enjoy the series, this is an excellent game to check out. The game will not disappoint you!

The game was one of the first to come out and reintroduce the survival horror genre to the video game world. With a slow, creepy pacing, and eerie music, Resident Evil is one of the best Resident Evil games. The game was a huge inspiration for other horror games, and the gameplay never gets old. The series was a cult phenomenon for many gamers and helped resurrect the horror genre into the mainstream of video games.

The Resident Evil series has had ups and downs since it was first released twenty years ago. It has sold dozens of games and has a loyal following. However, not all of them have been critical darlings. That’s why Resident Evil 2 is among the best Resident Evil games. The series has been very successful, but not all of them have been a hit. So how does Resident Evil 2 measure up?

In 2002, a remake of the original game was released. The remake improved on the original game in many ways, including graphics and voice-acting. The game had real-time lighting and shadows, as well as tank controls. Its graphic improvements were so well-received that two more Resident Evil games were remade later. However, Resident Evil 2 has some significant advantages that make it a must-have for the genre.

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